11 maggio 2014

The real life Sixth Sense: Meet the four-year-old boy with 'psychic powers' who predicted his mother's miscarriage after 'speaking to his dead grandparents'

The parents of a four-year-old boy have told how he has incredible psychic powers echoing the movie character Cole Sear's in The Sixth Sense

 Cause for concern: Heather and Greg Howell from Naples, Florida, said they noticed their son's unusual behavior from a young age

Greg, 40, and Heather Howell, 38, from Naples, Florida, said they noticed their son, Elijah's unusual behavior from a young age. Indeed, he started talking in full sentences at ten months old and would speak to his dead grandparents. A psychic expert later confirmed his supernatural abilities.
Mrs Howell said that the infant went on to correctly predict her miscarriage and that she would later give birth to twin boys. 'I found it so spooky, but not in a negative way,' she exclaimed.Recalling the incident, she continued: 'While I was pregnant Elijah said, "Mommy, your baby is going to go with God."

 Seeing into the future: Mrs Howell said that Elijah correctly predicted her miscarriage and that she would later give birth to twin boys (pictured)
'I said "Don't say that Elijah, don't say things like that", because I was scared because he knows things.'I did miscarry a couple of days later and he kept stroking me and telling me it was going to be OK.'A while later he said, "Don't worry mommy, you're going have two babies and they're two boys", and in my head I thought he just wanted brothers.'Months later we ended up finding out we were having twins - and that they were boys.'The Howells called upon psychic expert, Denise Lescano, to determine if Elijah was really seeing spirits or displaying signs of mental illness.
During her visit with the family Ms Lescano communicated with Mrs Howell's dead grandparents to get to the bottom of the mystery.


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